TREILLa is an experienced and skilled data service company who apply data science to transform customer data and actions into Predictive behavior used to personalize and deepen the customer experience.

Buzzwords abound in the data world : Hadoop, Spark, No-SQL databases, Natural Language processing (NLP), in-memory analytics, Map-Reduce, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Cassandra, Pig, Hive, and Impala, just to name a fewto name a few – but which ones are the one to use in order to transform your business? Technology is only part of the answer and that is why we have developed a comprehensive set of services to accompany you on your data transformation.

We work together with your teams to develop a roadmap bringing together your strategic business goals, customer workflows, data and technical requirements. The result is a milestone based roadmap aimed at achieving short term business results while building the path for continuous transformation and innovation.

Our Services:

Data Strategy
• Understand workflows, customer experience and strategic goals
• Determines new data and capability requirements
• Delivers a prioritized product roadmap with visible short term measurable benefits.
• Agile Development and execution plans
Data Engineering
• Definition of data technologies : storage, databases, distributed processing capabilities
• Design API requirements to support various workflows and customer touch point
• Cloud hosting and infrastructure management services
Data Architecture
• Detailed data models & schema to support product roadmap
• Data acquisitions determination
• Define Data quality requirements
• Formalize data governance, security requirements and access control
Data Implementation & System Build
• Define development workflows, technology stack, skills set and teams to achieve quality & agile solutions delivery
• Implement DevOps processes to ensure optimal cycles
• Define quality benchmark for performances and scalability
• Implementation services


The engine that helps refine your data

Data Science is the ability to extract and infer knowledge from large volumes of data that are either in a structured or unstructured form.

At Treilla, we believe Data Science holds promise as the next giant leap in the evolution of business intelligence to convert data into information and customer knowledge that can in turn be transformed into memorable customer experience.

By integrating large volumes of data with advanced analytics techniques, modern computer technology, and domain expertise within specific business sectors, we will allow your business to react in real time to customer demands and offers a personal and emotional touch to each individual customers.

Data Discovery Services
• Data source identification and collection
• Data cleaning and quality control
• Data augmentation in order to speed up analysis downstream
• Data aggregation and transformation
Customer Experience Development
• User experience design and validation
• Visual experience design
• Agile Implementation
• API development
• User monitoring and interaction
Business Insights Detection
• Defined insights to be derived from data
• Design best computational method(s) to discover insight
• Insight usage and visualization
• Statistical Analysis
• Inference analysis

More than just words

Our experience and capabilities will convince you.


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